Questions and Answers:

1- If there is a jury then will only some of the sent works be exhibited?
Answer: Any sent work that matches the designated theme will be exhibited without depending on the jury.
2-Who can participate?
Answer: There is no age limit to be able to make a Mail Art. People without any artistical education could also participate. The participants who have never made Mail Art before, could search through internet to gain extra information.

3-What will happen to the works afterwards?
Answer: The works won’t be sent back. After the biennial exhibition they will be added to the inventory of Namık Kemal University “Painting Museum”. (As known, museums of many countries has a collection of Mail Art). Pdf catalogue of the biennial and Pdf participation certificate will be sent to the participants via internet. The works will be published on the blog site and the Facebook site of the event.

4-Should we pay in order to participate?
Answer: There is no participation fee for the event. Your works will be exhibited, catalogued, and you will gain a participation certificate. 


5-Question: Are we making the art on the envelopes?
Answer: You can make it on any surface which could be sent by your nation’s postal service. We don’t have restrictions on technique, it’s free.

6-Question:Should we send our works inside of an envelope or inside of any other material?
Answer:We prefer works done on the envelopes or on postcards and sent by postal service. But of course you may use other ways of solutions.

7-Question: Should the works be prepared for exhibiton, should we frame, put on canvas or stick them on a piece of surface in order to be exhibited?
Answer: Any works sent to the biennial will be prepared for exhibition at Namık Kemal University so you don’t need your works to be prepared for exhibition before sending.

8-Question:Do we have to be there at Tekirdağ,Turkey for the opening of the biennial?
Answer: Preference to come belongs to the artist. There’s no restriction for participation. There will be other activities relating to the biennial except for the exhibition.

9-Question:What happens if the works are lost through postal service?
Answer: All the responsibility of the works belongs to the owner of the work until it arrives to Namık Kemal University. In this case any precautions taken for this situation is important. For instance, the address and the name should be written properly etc..

10-Question: How are we going to get our participation certificate and the pdf catalogue?
Answer:You should definitely ADD YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESSES ON YOUR WORKS. The catalogue and the certificate will be sent to your e-mail addresses. In case you forget to write, pdf folders will be added to our website or there will be a link for it, you may follow us through our facebook page and website.

11-Question:Do you have an age restiction for participation?
Answer:There’s no age limit for participation. This event is considered to be an international biennial made at Namık Kemal University, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty and should be exercised due diligence.

NKU 1st International Mail Art Biennial